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Tecnostyle is specialised in the production and operation of plastic mechanical components for the automotive, motorcycle, gardening and household appliance sectors.

Thanks to its design and planning studio, the company can support all types of customer in the development of new products for the market and the production of moulds and equipment for plastic, metal and rubber materials.

The company was established in 1987 through the initiative and commitment of Mr Baù and the professionalism of its collaborators, which allowed the company to quickly become an established business in a sector of continuous growth and expansion.

Always attentive to innovation and technological developments through the continuous training and specialisation of its personnel, Tecnostyle has constantly improved and upgraded its machinery, ensuring cutting edge technological processes and high quality of its products as well as superior price competitiveness.

Tecnostyle has always been aware that customer satisfaction and the achievement of objectives is only possible through the improvement of professionalism along with a great and innate passion for work.

It is with great satisfaction that we can say that Tecnostyle now collaborates in a consolidated manner with leading European and international companies.

Our thirty years of experience is now a launch pad for increasingly ambitious goals that will see us proudly committed to improving our Made in Italy know-how.

Our History

1987 - Year of foundation

The company was established as a Mould Design Studio thanks to the commitment of its founder and current owner Giambattista Baù.

1989 - 1995

The company becomes a mould making workshop

Rollout of the moulding department

Rollout of the assembly department

2000 - 2004

Transfer to the new site in Falzé di Trevignano

Creation of a new division dedicated to vibration, hot plate and ultrasonic welding within the assembly department

2006 - 2008

Expansion of the site with addition of warehouse and new logistics

Introduction of new equipment and machinery in the moulding department and workshop

2012 - 2013

Installation of a new deep hole drilling system in the workshop

Installation of an 850-ton injection moulding machine and robotisation of the existing ones


ISO 9001 quality certification

2015 - 2016

Addition of 20 new injection moulding machines, from 50 to 850 tons

Acquisition of a new 2000m² premises dedicated to logistics with computerisation of warehouse for raw materials and purchased components

2017 - 2018

New department dedicated to quality control with the purchase of a Zeiss measuring machine and a 3D optical probe, and the training of two new professionals

Addition of the mould workshop with three robotised 5-axis milling systems for unmanned operations (Industry 4.0)


New department dedicated to the welding of plastic parts and addition of a new vibration welding machine and a new hot plate welding machine (Industry 4.0)

2021 - 2025

Our ambition continues


Professional training is the only way to keep a company active and proactive. Our personnel are trained directly in house and subsequently fill roles in sync with their specialisation.

A strong point that has been implemented and put into practice is the close link between the expansion of personnel, both in terms of numbers and training, and the company’s progressive and constant development.

The company holds annual specialisation and refresher courses covering various areas of employment from technical and administrative management to personnel safety and business ethics.

Industry 4.0 Technologies

Always attentive to innovation, since 2017 Tecnostyle’s management has undertaken with determination the renewal of production processes, combining automation and the interconnection of machines used, with the ultimate goal of streamlining costs and optimising production and working conditions.

The automatisms involved in the Industry 4.0 production cycle cover different areas:

• Connectivity and robotised management of machines
Monitoring and centralised collection of processing times
Transition from digital to real with the 3D printing of prototypes

Green Certifications

The company follows the European REACH and RoHS regulations.
Tecnostyle has also always been committed to the recycling and scrupulous recovery of plastic and metal materials. 

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