1  Idea-Concept

We develop and propose new ideas with innovative solutions, paying attention to your aesthetic and functional needs as well as the future marketing of the finished product.

We offer our know-how from thirty years of experience to follow you step by step in developing your ideas across all global market sectors.

2  Engineering & Co-Design

Thorough feasibility studies, process assessment for
the reduction of production costs, realisation of
executive 3D models using innovative technologies:

     3D optical scanner  
     reverse engineering
     3D modeling
     product industrialisation

Cooperation with the customer to transform their idea
into a production reality.

3  Process study

We optimise production through specific simulation software with detailed projections of the final cost and timing of the entire production process.


 moulding process with detailed report
 optimized times and cycles
 structural FEM
 production times and methods
 packaging and logistics
 project lead time
 production costs

4  Injection molds

Tecnostyle has a technical department and a state-of-the-art workshop in line with the most modern technologies of Industry 4.0.

We design and produce moulds up to a mass of 55 q with relative testing to optimise the moulding process with the following technologies right from the start: 

Bi material
Tri material
Rotary / index
Gas injection tecnology
IML technology
 Insertion of metal insert on plastic piece

 Injection moulding

Programming and flexibility are the features that distinguish our moulding department. 

We have twenty-two injection moulding machines from 50 to 1200 tons, all robotised and assisted by computerised management. 

We mould all types of thermoplastic materials, from the most common to those specifically formulated: carbon filled, glass, minerals, elastomers, rubbers, etc. 

Bi material
Tri material
Rotary and INDEX

Gas injection technology
IML technology
Plastic mechanical overmould

6  Plastic welding

The technologies in our possession allow us to join two parts in a definitive and stable way to create a single object. This allows to simplify the moulds, the moulding and reduce the costs of the part.

We use tailor-made equipment built internally by our technical personnel. We produce destructive testing equipment for use during production to consistently guarantee the correct process.

Executable welds:
     Vertical hot plate
     Horizontal hot plate

 Surface finishing

Continuous changes dictated by fashion and the multiple needs related to the peculiarities of the products increasingly define the aesthetic finishes of everyday objects. In addition to surface finishes integrated in the moulding process, Tecnostyle can execute and manage finishing processes on moulded parts. These processes make it possible to obtain original customisations capable of satisfying design requests and giving the object additional added value.

Some types of finish carried out:

    Chromium plating
     Pad printing
     Screen printing
     Water transfer printing
     Sticker application


Partial or complete assembly of the finished product is carried out within the assembly department in close contact with moulding and welding.
The craftsmanship that sets us apart and the internal construction of equipment for mass production allows Tecnostyle to supply the product ready for sale according to market requirements, or to produce semi-finished products to be sent to the customer’s assembly line in free pass mode.

 Quality control

In close collaboration with all Tecnostyle departments, quality is controlled from the first stages of acquisition and analysis in order to ensure compliance with ISO standards.
The quality department can provide all the documentation required by current regulations and can give immediate feedback on issues with production or the first samples of moulded or assembled parts.
We use state-of-the-art instrumentation such as 3D optical scanners with GOM measuring system, Zeiss mechanical probe with Calypso measuring system, spectrophotometers and instruments to check and ensure the quality requested by the customer.

10  Integrated logistics

Flexibility and speed are the keywords in this highly articulated process.
To best meet the numerous requests of our customers, we use an entire second site of 2,000 square metres transformed into a warehouse. Through careful planning and constant computerised monitoring, our customers can have stock lots ready to be sent promptly as needed.

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