We want to be
your Partner

We develop and produce innovative
plastic mechanical articles at competitive costs

Industrial supply Chain

We have the knowledge to develop all stages of the supply chain:

mould making
plastic moulding
finished product assembly

Production Capacity

We can develop and manage medium to high production volumes:

over one million moulded parts
from 500 to 100,000 pcs assembled
compliance with deadlines 
agreed quality

Integrated Logistics

We have a warehouse for storing stock batches.

This allows us to always guarantee an immediate response to your needs

Square metres covered


Production sites




Years of experience


Our goal is to Progress

We have been continuously improving for over three decades to be faster and more efficient

Cooperation  as a
business strategy

to optimize costs and increase our competitiveness

Masters of 

Ready to meet your needs and
adapt to any changes in the market

We respect the environment by using green energy

We recycle our process materials

We focus everything
on quality

as a reference point of our business logic

Our Services




Tecnostyle s.r.l.
VAT number 04109020265

web: www.tecnostyle.com
Email: tecnostyle@tecnostyle.com 
tel-1: +39 0423 812490 
tel-2: +39 0423 670948

Street: Via Monte Bianco 8/10
31040 Trevignano (TV) - IT
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